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The student online newsmagazine of SHS

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The student online newsmagazine of SHS

The Journal Rewired

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New year new grades

Tips to have an academic comeback for the second semester

Days before the new year even begins, people grow excited as they begin purchasing planners, writing down resolutions and cleaning out their rooms. It’s a fresh start, right until school starts. Students long to improve from their bad habits in the previous semester, but after the first pile of homework, they fall back into their slump. So before you fall into your own, take a second to consider these habits. 

Mindset Matters

There have been countless times where students face discouragement after receiving a low grade on their test and rather than choosing to try harder, they ultimately let this grade define their stand in this class. If you struggle with this, remember that you hold the power to change that grade and your mindset as well. If you are headed towards the path of success, you must accept that failure is bound to happen regardless. But, it’s not about how effective the failure was, but how you pick yourself up from it. When wanting to grow and make a comeback, it’s essential to rebound from failure and feed yourself with consistent encouragement so you can keep on going.

Always Plan Ahead

With school being five consecutive days in a row, including extracurricular activities, the weekdays are full of hustle and bustle. When the long awaited weekend arrives, it can be full of dewinding and relaxation. But, taking a little time out of your weekend can help you prepare for the week ahead. Filling out a planner or writing down reminders in your Notes or Google Keep app can do wondrous things for you in the week ahead. Or, decluttering your space. Although developing these habits may not get you an “A” on your next test, it can help life run smoother to where you can elevate your focus to your studies instead. 

Reach Out for Help

Even if it sounds self-explanatory, stepping up and asking for additional help will get you where you need to be. There are a multitude of teachers who appreciate students who strive to do better in their classes and are willing to do whatever it takes to get them to that point. Online tutors or a study group can also provide similar benefits. Don’t set yourself up for failure by staying quiet during class or misusing your free time. Utilize the spare time to get a deeper understanding of your material and take it home with you so you can practice. 

With these tips, it’s important to keep in mind that school can and will be challenging at times. But, there are a variety of ways you can help yourself make the load of homework a bit lighter. 


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Lucy Len Dim, Features Reporter
Hi guys, I’m Lucy Len Dim! I’ve always loved being able to express ideas and feelings through writing, so I joined the Journal as a Feature reporter. I try to be involved and open myself up to new opportunities so I joined Drama Club and I serve as  the Sophomore Class President. After high school, I plan to study psychology and teaching alongside theater arts. But, I’d absolutely love to go on a mission trip where I can share my faith with others because I love kids and of course, traveling! I am in LOVE with Tennessee, rainforests, and beaches so I’d definitely love to head there for a trip. In my free time, I watch rom-coms and family shows with my brothers while eating endless bags of spicy chips. My favorite rom com is “10 Things I Hate About You” and my favorite family show is “Fuller House.” Speaking of family, playing volleyball with my cousins is my way of ending a perfect summer grill-out night. Nevertheless, I’m happiest with my girls. We support and help one another out while still living out our teenage girl lives! We love listening to Taylor Swift together! But even though I love being surrounded by people, I’m a complete germaphobe and clean freak. I hate bacteria, dirt, or just the risk of getting sick. So to sum it up, I love bright, unique energy and hope I can bring some to you through our feature stories!

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