Tattoos are art for your body


A tattoo is more than just ink embedded in a person’s skin, it is a form of art. It is a small glimpse of that person’s own written history in their life. Whether it was a fun moment, depressing or even happy it represents something important to that person. It represents yourself and shows personality. Unlike graffiti on a building, though such art can be painted over, the ink on your body is permanent.

“You can not ink up your temple,” are the words that come from the lips of the elderly and the critics of such art. To some, permanently decorating your precious skin is one of the ultimate sins. But I am not here to talk about religious beliefs and such.

I am here to talk about the ideals of tattoos itself. Some students or individuals in the community ink their skin for meaning, others to show their personality. Then there are others who get tattoos in the memory of loved ones, personal events or self motivation.

Kaitlyn Kendrick, a junior at SHS, came up with her own quote for her tattoo to show her feelings towards determination and evaluating the struggles that she has been through.

At first her mother disagreed with such a decision, until Kendrick showed that this tattoo meant a lot to her and showed her personality with both respect and perception. “She thought it was something from my heart, that it meant something to me. So she finally let me get the tattoo.” Kendrick said.

Kendrick’s tattoo reads, “It takes courage to be different. It takes pain to have courage.  It takes being different to accept and fight the pain.”

Tattoos are a form of art that can tell a person’s story, whether it be a tragic moment in their lives or something that has changed that individual for the greater good. It is still a story that has meaning and adds a good extension to that person.

Tattoos are not just something we get out of rebellion or to feel independent, they’re how we think of ourselves and how we present ourselves to the world. Whether through an intricate tattoo or a simple drawing, they show who we are inside and out.

All tattoos have meaning. Kendrick’s tattoo represents an event in her life that has resulted in a huge change for her. It consists of family and a life changing surgery, and it was something chosen on her own terms. It made her who she is today. Besides Kendrick’s self-made quote, she has a second one located on the back of her neck. It is a mother and daughter infinity symbol.

This tattoo alone shows that Kendrick and her mother support each other and have a close relationship. They are best friends to one another. So tattoos are not just inked drawings on your body, they have meaning. They can show what a person has went through, who they are, and why. Whether it is a simple drawing or a quote, it can represent a person and their perspective on life itself.