Brady receives one unexpected verdict


This is Indianapolis. This is where tons of people adore the sport of football. But if there is one thing that many people in Indianapolis hate, it would be Tom Brady’s career. Almost every person that is a fan of the Indianapolis Colts hates the New England Patriots’ quarterback, Tom Brady, with a passion. He is a cheat and a long time rival of the greatest player to come out of Indy, Peyton Manning. But if there is one thing I hate more than Brady, it is the way his trial for the “Deflate-Gate” was recently settled.

Last season, in the AFC finals, Brady and the New England Patriots were accused of the actions in the “Deflate-Gate.” Brady said himself that he prefers his footballs to have slightly less air so that they are easier to throw at longer distances, so it would make sense for the fault of the deflated balls to fall right onto Brady.

¨I feel like we won the game fair and square,¨ Brady said.

There was no chance that the Colts would have had a chance in that game, sorry everyone. The Patriots were a stacked team, and our run defense was pitiful at best. But, in such an important game like the semi-finals, every factor should be checked, and double checked for mistakes.

There is no reason that those footballs should not have been checked for the correct air pressure. Even if Brady bribed someone to replace the old footballs with the ones that he prefers, the NFL should have an outside source checking for mistakes.

Recently, Brady got what everyone thought he deserved. He got accused for the deflation of the footballs, and was suspended for the first four games, without pay, for the 2015-2016 NFL season. The Patriots also have to give up their 2016 first round pick, and their 2017 second round pick. This is good, because every team in the U.S. thought that they would have a chance. A 0-4 record for starting record for a quarterback can be intimidating, and it could even cause them to choke under the pressure.

This is great news for people who do not like the Patriots, like myself. Their team is good, and I do not want to see them in the post-season for another year. They lose their pick, and their quarterback is gone for the first quarter of the regular season? Sounds perfectly great to me.

All the hopes and dreams of all Patriot haters went down the drain on May 14 when the National Football League Players Association filed an appeal for Brady’s suspension. This gave all the Brady fan-boy lovers, sorry Fishel, a little glimpse of hope and a chance that their fantasy team can now be complete with him in their lineup.

On Sept. 3, the day I dreaded actually came. Tom Brady’s suspension was nullified, and he is cleared to participate in the first four games of the regular season. Unfortunately, the Patriots now have a chance this year, and will not finish at the bottom of the ranks under Jimmy Garoppolo.

I disagree with how the decision was made. Brady just seems too suspicious to not be held guilty for cheating. He asked his assistant to destroy his cell phone that he used during the AFC championship, and during the early investigations. If anyone ever had anything to do with events that change the outcome of a game in an unfair way, they should be charged under strict scrutiny.

Overall, Tom Brady should not be allowed to play the first four games this season. I actually think he should not be able to play at all this season for the actions that he has been involved in.

I am just hoping that we will have a real Super Bowl winner this year, and that Brady really gets what he deserves. He is a cheat, and I would not care at all if he got stripped of his last Super Bowl win.