Pacers’ season looking up


The Indiana Pacers started off the season with three losses and zero wins, and looked very unimpressive to say the least. The offense was slow, the defense was poor and they had a field goal inefficiency. But in the last two games, the Pacers have played the opposite way they played the first three games.

In the Pacers’ first three games they faced the Toronto Raptors, 0-1 Memphis Grizzlies and the 1-1 Utah Jazz. The Pacers lost by an average of 12 points a game, but mostly because of the embarrasing 21 point loss to the Jazz. In the last two games, Pacers won against the impressive 3-0 Detroit Pistons and the 1-2 Boston Celtics.

One key reason to the latest success is the hardcore defense being played. In the first three games the Pacers let up an average of 105 points which is a lot more than the average of 90 points given up in the last two games. Paul George, CJ Miles and George Hill are huge contributors to the defense’s success. George, Miles and Hill are all three ranked in the top 20 in steals per game. The Pacers are the only team to have three players in the top 20 for this defensive category.

One interesting stat, and one that stands out, is the Pacers’ field goal percentage. In the first three games the Pacers had a 41.5 field goal percentage, while in the two games they have won, they had a 40.9 field goal percentage. This goes to show that when the defense is playing to top level, the offense does not have to have much weight on their shoulders.

The Pacers have a home game tonight against the Miami Heat who are 3-2 and just beat a good Minnesota Timberwolves team. If the defense of the Pacers can keep up the outstanding defensive play, the Pacers will go on to get their third straight win.