Runway to success


Photo contributed by Sydnie Vanvolkenburgh

Junior Sydnie Vanvolkenburgh partakes in a photo shoot for LModelz Agency modeling agency.

Rae Updike, Reporter

For junior Sydnie Vanvolkenburgh, modeling doesn’t mean getting her picture taken in a professional setting. Modeling means joining a whole new world.

Being the subject of photo shoots and being in magazines and videos  is all part the modeling experience, according to Vanvolkenburgh. Once people join the modeling society, they meet modeling sisters and brothers who come together to help each other through it all.

For students who are interested in getting into modeling, there are several things they need to know.

To begin the modeling process, Vanvolkenburgh started with  LModelz Model Management. LModelz provides professional models for a wide range of modeling needs in and around Indianapolis.

“I chose LModelz because my friend Payton Skirvin was in my class my freshman year,” Vanvolkenburgh said. “She started telling me about this agency and how to send in pictures, and I did.”

To get involved in this particular agency, the applicants first needs to fill out an online application at The application asks for the applicant’s’ name, address, email, age, height, body measurements, hair and eye color, shoe size, pictures of the applicant’s face, profile and full body. The applicants must be at least 15 years old to apply.

Then the applicants must wait for an email that may ask them to come back to have an open call if the agency liked them.

“They interview you basically, but in front of everybody.” Vanvolkenburgh said, “So you’ll walk in front of them and they get to see you in person.”

If the agency likes them after the open call, then the applicants will be called back afterwards to talk about payments. At the beginning of a model’s career at LModelz, there is a boot camp that is normally two to three days long. There they will create a portfolio that clients can view.


There are things that models have to think about once they are accepted into an agency. One of those things is body image. However a model chooses to look, they have to maintain that body shape. This may require a model to eat a healthier diet and exercise a certain amount of hours a week.

“The models have to be in good shape in a healthy way,” Agency owner and director Leslie Turner said, “Whether they have a fitness membership or they change their eating habits to more healthy and body conscious foods. That’s something that they do have to develop.”

Not only do models need to be conscious of their body, they need to be conscious of their skin. According to Vanvolkenburgh, all the models are different and have their own ways of keeping their skin clear and staying in shape, along with keeping their bodies healthy.

However, the way an agency will prefer a model to look also depends on where the model’s career is based.

“I know that in Miami, you have to have a little waist,” Vanvolkenburgh said. “Where you think you want to go, you have to put your body in that. In New York, you have to be 5’9” because that’s where tall models go.”