Review: Dr. Strange

Madelyn Knight, Reporter

Marvel’s Universe can be flawed, but “Doctor Strange” has just enough spunk and creativity to keep viewers interested. Their newest movie “Doctor Strange” hit theaters in the US Nov. 4 with an opening weekend grossing almost $85 million, according to Despite some undeveloped characters, “Doctor Strange” will leave viewers in awe of the eye capturing graphics and interesting plot line involving sorcery.

Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Doctor Stephen Strange, a self centered and arrogant, but incredibly talented surgeon. His former girlfriend and fellow surgeon, Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams), have a continuous love-hate relationship, but still manage to work together to save lives in the hospital. However talented, Doctor Strange is mostly in it to maintain his perfect record of never letting a person pass away on the operating table. After being in a major car accident, which severely damages the nerves in his hands, Doctor Strange searches for alternative forms of healing.

In his search, he lands in Nepal where he begins training to be a sorcerer by The Ancient One, played by Tilda Swinton, who dedicates her life to preserving Earth from darkness. Despite The Ancient One’s efforts, her former student Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen) goes to the “dark side” and makes plans to turn Earth over to the Dark Dimension controlled by a secondary villain, Dormammu.

“Doctor Strange” has several different twists and turns, and I mean literally. The graphics of the movie are incredible and it’s definitely one of Marvel’s best looking films. It keeps watchers thinking: What will they do next? As Marvel fans usually suspect, director Scott Derrickson incorporates exciting action scenes with witty humor to create an overall great product.

As beautifully done the graphics are in this movie, the villainous aspect was overall not very intimidating. Despite the acting efforts of Mikkelsen, Kaecilius is very uncompelling. His character had the ability to create a really unique backstory that simply never happens. This happens with other side characters such as Baron Mordor (Chiwetel Ejiofor), and Wong (Benedict Wong) as well.

Doctor Strange’s character grows throughout the film, because as Mordor says, “Forget everything you think you know.” He starts as someone who doesn’t care about anyone, but himself. Gradually throughout the film, he learns to make himself a better person and to care about others. It’s the classic hero’s journey story with little extra dose of craziness. By the end of the film, viewers will be cheering on Doctor Strange as he tries to save the world while still mastering his newfound sorcery.

“Doctor Strange” hints to involvements in future Marvel movies, so viewers will want to stay until after the credits and the final credits to see two bonus scenes. These scenes will give insight of what we can expect from Doctor Strange in the future and other Marvel movies coming out in 2017.