‘The Little Mermaid’ cast bio: Zach Smith as Sebastian


Rae Updike, Reporter

This red-clawed babysitter crab named Sebastian is played by junior Zach Smith. This is going to be Smith’s second musical and his third production at SHS. To Smith, his character is a laid back, relaxed babysitter until something goes wrong. For example, there is a time when Sebastian is singing to Ariel to help her but she disappears right under his watch.
“I have a little sister,” Smith said. “I feel like she’d disappear if I turned my back on her for too long.”
Other ways that Smith feels that he is similar to his character, is that he likes to please people, as he feels Sebastian does too. Smith also loves to be around people. On the contrary, however, he thinks that his character can stay calm in the the scariest situations, while Smith thinks that he cannot.
No one part of the musical sticks out as Smith’s favorite, but learning everything is definitely not it. According to Smith, everything is slow-paced in the beginning. The people aren’t as into it, but as the show progresses and everyone has learned their lines and the choreography, everything is fun. There’s an atmosphere that is created that just can’t be redone.
The biggest difference that Smith has noticed is that there doesn’t seem to be as many seniors as last years production of “Grease.” There are a lot more underclassmen taking on bigger roles this year.
“Being a thespian is more than just being an actor.” Smith said. “It’s like being in a giant family where you have a common need or want to be on stage and perform.”