SHS winter guard prepares for competition


Madelyn Knight

The SHS prepares for their upcoming competitions that start on Jan. 28 at Franklin High School.

Sakuya Uehara, Reporter

The SHS winter guard team is getting ready for the coming competitions. According to coach Sarah Davis, the team is going smoothly than other years.

“(The team is) not really better, but it’s going faster than other years,” Davis said.

Winter guard is like the marching band in the football game, but without the instruments. They dance along to different songs with flags and other props.

Winter guard performs not only for school events, but in competition as well. To score higher in competitions, all the factors are important. The shows are judged by not only how good the dance is, but also the technique of flags and any other props, costumes, and if the song is matched with the concept of their show. All of those are combined and scored together.

According to senior Sierra Roberts, winter guard is a good opportunity for the winter guard team to express themselves. Since winter guard is independent from the instruments, it has more chances for the team to show themselves. This also means they have to complete the show by themselves.

“In winter, we are allowed to … show ourselves (more),” Roberts said. “(It is) kind of like a step up from what you did in Fall.”

The team starts preparing for their show by choosing the song. After they choose the song, they then decide the moves that go with the song. Then, write choreography and flag works and after that, they choose the costumes. Right now, the team is adding choreography and finishing up the first show. They are training and memorizing all that goes into the performance and getting ready for their first competition. Roberts is confident of her show and the team this year.

“I really like our show this year,” Roberts said. “I’m really excited where (we can go).”

Roberts also says watching the other team’s show is good for the team to improve themselves. They sometimes learn from other teams, such as the ideas in the show or how to warm up before the competition and improve their show and teamwork.

Their first competition will be held on Jan. 28 at Franklin high school.