Stitching together a new tradition

Fiber arts class works with elementary school to make plushies and masks


Jessica Paro

Junior Lupita Luna works on her monster plushy in her fiber arts class.

This year’s fiber arts class decided to do something that they have never done before.

The class, taught by new SHS art teacher, Kayla Shouse, paired with Abraham Lincoln Elementary School art students to make Superhero masks and Monster plushies.

“I thought it would be a nice way to get the high schoolers involved with the younger kids,” Shouse said.

The second graders are drawing monsters and writing stories on how they came to be and will then present them to the high school class in order for the high schoolers to create the monsters and finish their stories. The third grade class is creating a mask design that the high schoolers will use to create two replicas of.

Senior Katie Arnold, a fiber arts student, says that this project was cool in more ways than one because she got to work with the younger kids and had to be in their mindset for a minute.

“It was really cool because we don’t really get to be creative in other classes,” Arnold said. “It was cool to have to think like a third grader. You had to kind of be in their mind for a second.”

For Arnold, there was some difficulty getting into their minds as what was presented in their drawings was, as she put it, “a bit hard to figure out at first.” Still, she says she thought their ideas were super cute.

The high school and the elementary school were able to video chat and art teacher Rachel Hill sent the mask and plush designs to SHS in order for the high schoolers to get the ideas from the elementary schoolers.

When everything is done being put together here at SHS, the creations will be sent to the elementary school. Both teachers, Hill and Shouse, agreed that this would be a project they would do in the future. Shouse has decided that the fiber arts class will collaborate next with the fourth graders at Clinton Young Elementary. This could be the start of a new tradition.