The magic of childhood

No one is too old for Disney


Sitting on the couch surrounded by family with blankets and pillows eating popcorn and candy, we all look up at the large glowing screen. As we listen to that sweet sound of the music that we know all the words to, that happy, loving and emotional feeling fills us with warmth and the feeling that everything’s okay and great in the world. 

Ever since I was a kid, I grew up watching Disney, Marvel and Pixar movies. Some were just made to watch for fun, and others taught lessons, but some of the best ones had the magic to do both. As a child, I didn’t realize the lessons, but now that I’m older “and wiser and thus all knowing,” I love to rewatch the old movies and wait for the new ones to come out. I will always love Disney no matter how old I get. 

Personally, I think that Disney is for everyone. Many people believe that Disney is just for kids. Maybe it was when Walt Disney first created it, but now the Disney company has found a way to make it for everyone. It’s cute and animated for children, but the movies are also funny and have hidden things and meanings for older viewers as well. 

Disney movies appeal to everyone, but at different ages you see different things. When you’re a kid, you watch a Disney princess movie as just a cute story where the prince saves the princess, but when you are older you see the different sides of it, the possibility of her saving herself and the meaning behind everything. In a Star Wars movie for example, the kids just see the cool fights and light sabers. However, when you are older, you understand the complex characters, romances and know what’s actually going on in the movie.

I grew up watching princess movies, and I still watch them now. They just have a different appeal to them with a different meaning when you are older. And no matter how old you get, Disney comes up with a new thing to pull you back. For example, I loved the princess movies, so I had to watch the live action remakes when they started making them and loved them.

My dad and I would always watch Marvel movies together, and now they are more than just movies to me. They are an essential part of my childhood and will forever remind me of the perfect childhood I had. I think it’s that way with a lot of people. The movies are more than just movies but a part of who they are, and I don’t think anyone gets too old for that.

As Walt Disney himself perfectly stated, “Who says we have to grow up.” Disney will always be a special part of me that I love. I’ll forever cherish and continue to watch and rewatch new and old movies that they make, because I will never be too old.