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Jordin Baker
Hi, my name is Jordin Baker. I am the Photos Editor for The Journal. I 'm a senior this year and I can not wait for this year to be over. I am surprised on how fast these years have gone by and I have no idea how I am already an adult. We have one year left till we start our lives by ourselves, to start adulting. This is the year where we plan the rest of our lives and yet I am not nervous at all because I know what I am doing, joining the Army and I can not wait. I can not think of a better plan for me, someone who has no idea what they want to do in life, right out of highschool to have a job, to get paid, to learn, to travel and to have a purpose. I am so ready for the rigorous challenges and amazing benefits that the Army will bring. I am trying to get more people to join with me so if you are interested at all or have any questions please come talk to me. Again, like last year and the year before, to be totally random, I love blue gummy bears.

Jordin Baker , Photos Editor

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Jordin Baker