Stronger connections

Anime’s impact goes further than the entertainment aspect

Stronger connections

Since I was about 9 years old, I started to watch Japanese animated shows called anime. I may have not known better and considered it a cartoon since it was an animation, but now that I am older, I know the correct term.

Ever since I started to watch anime, it has been a great way to connect with others. In many ways, it has shaped certain aspects of my life, like friendships and entertainment. 

Due to this, I made a few acquaintances and created long lasting friendships. I am able to talk about my opinions on certain theories and characters, while listening to others talk about theirs.

For example, some may find a hot headed character in a show, annoying and rude, while others may find the character attractive. Such an example is Bakugo Katsuki from Boku No Hero Academia.

On the other hand, it’s always fun talking about how well a character is designed, how realistic some of them are, and the art style the creator used. 

Creators of anime shows put so much work into these, almost 30 minute videos while in their studios, for millions of viewers on anime websites like Crunchyroll.

My brother and I bonded over anime, and we now watch it together whenever we can. I recommend him what shows to watch, and if I am not able to join him, he updates me on what happens.

This allowed for more direct communication and helped us bond over other things, like sports.

Anime has helped with my creativity. Because I like to draw, anime has helped me find my art style and allowed me to improve it slowly but surely.

It helped me create fun characters of my own and inspires me to want to create webtoons, which are cartoons or comic strips published on the web.

If I am ever bored or lonely, I turn to anime. The characters on the screen are cute and friendly, allowing me to forget about reality and issues for a while.

As I grew older, I watched other genres of anime aside from romance, like shounen, which are aimed more to teen males and involve a lot of action and a male main character.

One thing I know for sure is that for most animes, it teaches different life lessons, whether it is about seeing the positive side of life or a warning.

I know that my life isn’t the only one impacted by anime. I have seen people use their creativity to dress up as characters, also known as cosplay. 

Others use their inspiration to create videos talking about anime, and some even create their own anime along with manga, which are Japanese based graphic novels in black and white. I would dare say it’ll make people happier, as it did for me.

I believe anime should be something that everyone tries to watch at least once because I feel like it will affect someone’s life for the better. 

Feeling lonely or stressed? Watch anime. Need inspiration? Watch anime. Bored? Watch anime.

Anime allows one to express themselves and their creativity in many different ways, whether it is through art, through cosplaying or through videos. It is also a comfort during hard times.