Seeing both sides

More students should consider the Central Nine program and its advantages


Throughout my years at SHS, two of them I’ve spent going to Central Nine Career Center (C9) for Visual Communications, and I believe that making the decision to attend C9 was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve made so many new friends and learned so many new things, and I believe more students should make the decision to go. 

Like I said, I’ve been in Visual Communications for about two years now and I’ve really enjoyed all that I’ve learned, from typography to the types of printing methods and how they work. We have the opportunity to learn how to screen print shirts, make videos, print on vinyl, photography and even laser engraving.

I’m the video mentor, which means I help students make and learn how to make videos using Adobe Premiere Pro, a program which I learned how to use this year. In the video program, people can learn about key frames, recording, green screening, making transparent PNG files and how to make anything they want using the program.

That being said, Visual Communications isn’t the only program, it’s just the one I’m a part of. There’s 27 programs at C9, and a huge campus for all of them to work together. Each one is unique in how it prepares people for the future. C9 also provides on-the-job training, scholarship opportunities, college credit opportunities and internships.

I’ve made so many new friends because it’s easier to connect to people who share the same interests as you. Being around people who like the same things, and like what they’re doing, makes it easier to be motivated to do your own thing. It’s such a close and intertwined class, and I think that actually goes for all of the C9 programs. I’ve seen groups of Culinary kids together, and last year, I knew a tight group of Criminal Justice kids. 

Throughout my time, my teachers have been incredibly helpful. C9 hires some of the best in their field. If I have a question, it will always be answered. I love my teachers, and even being a mentor to the first years in my program.

Another bonus is less school time at SHS, and I mean that in the nicest way I can. The last two years, I’ve only had four classes at school, and this year, two classes a day. We leave during the first lunch block and head straight to C9 afterwards. This is incredibly helpful for students who may get stressed out because of the SHS workload. It lessens the stress greatly by taking away some classes and, in turn, homework.

What’s kind of sad though is that most people won’t take the time to even look at the programs to see if one is for them. A lot of kids pay no mind to it, and I’ll admit, I didn’t think it was going to be something I did. In fact, I joined originally to lessen my workload and graduate with technical honors. Which is another thing two years at C9 will get you. However, I stayed because I loved it.

This is why I believe that Central Nine is an amazing way to go. The friends I’ve made, the opportunities, the lesser workload and even graduating with another degree, these things made me stay. It’s an amazing way to deviate what you thought you knew, and I hope more kids will decide to join in the future.