Tips and Tricks: Spring Cleaning


It’s finally that time of year where the weather starts to get warmer, plants begin to grow, animals come out of hibernation and everything has a new, fresh start. And, it’s that time of year that everyone begins to think about spring cleaning. It can be pretty daunting to think about, but these tips and tricks will motivate you to tidy up your space and even help you to have a fun time while doing so.

Get in the zone
In order to be successful, you need to make sure that you’re ready to clean. Putting on your favorite music or podcast can be a great way to entertain yourself while cleaning. Burning a candle can also help to make a more inviting atmosphere. Try to limit outside distractions to ensure that you can stay focused and clean efficiently.
Clear and clean
This is the most time consuming step, but it is also the one that makes the most difference. Clear everything out of your space and go through all of the items. While the space is clear, do a deep clean. Make sure to dust, disinfect, vacuum, sweep or do whatever type of cleaning the space requires. Once you make it through this step, you’ve finished the hardest part.
Assess and implement
Take a look at the space that you are working with. How big is the area? What shape is it? These questions can help you to determine what systems would work best in your space. For example, if you have a small space, taking advantage of vertical storage can be a great way to increase the amount of storage space you have. Or, if you have an oddly shaped space, knowing not to put furniture there can be helpful. If you put furniture in a space where it doesn’t fit well, you may end up wasting valuable space. There are many ideas for organizational systems online, and after assessing your space, you’ll be able to choose which one fits your needs best.
Test, evaluate and modify
After some time of using your new systems, evaluate them to see if they are working properly. It is possible that some systems won’t be performing as you imagined, and that’s totally fine. You just need to figure out what about it isn’t working and find a new system that will bridge that gap. Staying clean and organized is a constant cycle of trial and error. Eventually, you’ll find the things that work for your space. Don’t get discouraged or worried if it takes a few tries. That’s completely normal.
Make it a routine
Cleaning shouldn’t just be confined to springtime. If done correctly, it is a constant process of clearing out unnecessary items and keeping up organizational systems. It can be daunting to clean up a very messy area, but it isn’t hard to clean up a little bit at a time. By setting aside 10 minutes at the end of each day to clean, you can avoid any area getting to an overwhelming state. It can be helpful to dedicate each day of the week to a different part of your house to ensure that all parts are getting the attention they need. For example, you could clean the bathroom on Monday, your room on Tuesday, the kitchen on Wednesday and so on.