A day in the life of Knight

SHS principal lets The Journal in on all that went into his day on April 15, 2022

Though many people claim that they’re the busiest one at SHS, Principal Brian Knight takes the cake.

“An average week in this job is 60 hours, a busy week is 80,” Knight said.

Knight also has four kids of his own, and balancing time between both areas of his life can be difficult. There’s no real way to balance it, according to Knight. But, he tries to prioritize the things that are most important. Sometimes it is his family, and other times it’s school functions.

For example, Knight’s oldest son plays basketball at Perry Meridian. He watched every single one of his son’s games this year. But, he also prioritizes the SHS basketball team. So, every night that the Cards had a game and Perry Meridian didn’t, he would drive to go watch, even if that meant driving all the way to Terre Haute.

Basketball isn’t the only thing that Knight puts in time to attend. He tries to do it for all sports and said that he attends at the very least senior night for every sport.

“Do I have to be at all of those things?,” Knight said. “No. I don’t have to be. But there’s beliefs I have on how you need to do this job and how you need to connect with the community and kids and families and those types of things. And sometimes that’s being there.”

On this day shown below, Knight didn’t have time to eat lunch with everything that he had scheduled. He said that he never has time to sit down and eat lunch. Some days, he may eat lunch while reading or responding to emails, of which he gets 100 to 150 per day. On other days, he may eat while he is in a meeting or in the hallways.

Along with all of his school and family responsibilities, he is also working on getting his doctorate, which only adds on more work.

With all of this going on, it’s not surprising that he doesn’t have much time to sleep.

“I probably average somewhere between five to six hours of sleep a night,” Knight said. “And that’s if I get to bed by 10.”

Look below to see a Full Day in the Life of Mr. Knight.


Friday — April 15, 2022

3:45 Wake up
4:00 Send the Grateful Friday Challenge to Staff
4:30 Leave home
4:40 Arrive at school for a morning workout (2 mile run, 1000 swim, stretching and foam rolling)
6:10 Arrive at office and talk to Mrs. Tasker about sub coverage for the day
6:15 Shower and get ready for the day
6:30 Read and respond to emails
6:45 Morning car duty in the drop off line
7:08 Leave for secondary principal meeting
8:17 Arrive back at school from meeting
8:20 Read and respond to emails
8:25 Call to human resources about a resignation and job posting
8:30 Meet with Student Services about a student issue
8:39 Hall duty during passing period
8:45 Weekly admin team meeting
10:13 Hall duty during passing period
10:30 Zoom meeting with Magnify Learning about a summer Project Based Learning training SHS will be hosting for the science department
11:04 Classroom visits – stop by the cafeteria during lunches
12:05 Meet with Master Teachers about Professional Development Plans
12:18 Meeting with this year’s STARS students in the auditorium
12:40 Phone call with Human Resources to discuss a licensing issue for a teacher
12:50 Finish staff newsletter and send to all staff
1:00 Meeting with Asst. Superintendent Mrs. Pollard (these are bi-weekly meetings)
1:38 Read and respond to emails
1:55 Dismissal and bus duty
2:15 Meet with a Department Chair to discuss a staff issue
2:35 Continue to sign diplomas
3:30 Finish an assignment for current doctoral class
3:54 Go home
4:03 Arrive at home (Dinner and talk to kids about their days at school)
4:40 Leave home for the baseball/softball game
5:03 Arrive at the baseball/softball game
8:15 Games end, leave to go home
8:32 Arrive back at home
8:45 Movie with his family
11:05 Go to bed