Cozy up with manga

5 manga stories to read this winter season

Reading manga is a hobby that is very easy to fall in love with. Now that the cold winter season has arrived, with the right guidance on the best titles to read, you can fall in love with reading manga too. These can be read around a warm fire, or in a cozy room with blankets. These stories can typically be found in bookstores or libraries to rent or buy, but finding eBooks or ways to order them online is always an option too.

1. “Paperbag-kun is in Love” (Ongoing)
Genre – romance, drama

This book is a great option if you are interested in reading another romance story to fangirl about, and the characters quickly peak the interest of the reader at a quick glance. This story follows a shy boy, Kamibukuro, who wears a paper bag and is trying to confess to Umi, the girl he is in love with. Unfortunately, her best friend thinks of his actions as stalking and obsessive, though Umi never thought of it as that and actually looked forward to his actions. It’s definitely a manga that will make you ‘aww’ your way through winter, and it won’t disappoint due to the cuteness it holds. 

2. “5 Centimeters Per Second” (Completed)
Genre – drama, romance

The title definitely has the ability to trick the audience for another casual romance read.  It’s about a young man and woman, Takaki and Akari, going through many obstacles. Throughout the plot, it quickly becomes heavy because it is implied what the ending will be like. Don’t worry- no one dies, but the finale is definitely on the somber side and realistic compared to other romance stories. The anime adaptation is under the same name and is equally as sad, so get ready for some tears to be shed.

3. “A Polar Bear in Love” (Ongoing)
Genre – comedy

The title may scare away some people, but it’s nothing weird. The cover quickly attracts the reader with its cute qualities, making it a book you would immediately want to pick up. In this case, I did judge a book by its cover but I’m glad I gave it a chance. It’s a wholesome story about a polar bear who falls in love with a nervous seal that thinks the bear is trying to eat it. As much as that may sound disturbing to few, the plot is purely sunshine and rainbows, despite the location. The setting takes place in the frigid Arctic, resembling Indiana’s chilly weather, but the plot is nothing short of cute and simple. 

4. “Sweetness and Lighting” (Completed)
Genre – comedy, slice of life

Perfect with a hot drink near a fireplace, this manga is sure to warm up your heart. A father and teacher, Inuzuka, recently lost his wife and raises his daughter alone but he creates a beautiful bond with her, especially through food. We get to see her grow up, watch relationships develop, and all the while enjoying the pleasing food visuals. The reader could really enjoy the dynamics of all the characters since it was realistic and will make it easy for anyone to read until the very end. The art style was nice to look at and has the ability to leave a great impression on the heart of the reader.

5. “Laid Back Camp” (Ongoing)
Genre – slice of life

This story is about young students that love the outdoors traveling to various campsites across the country. Most of the time, the group of friends are dressed in cozy clothing which plays well with the cold season approaching. It’s definitely something on the emotionally lighter side of the manga world, and the cute art style makes it easily visually pleasing to read for those who are experimenting with reading manga. It is easy to like because the characters develop a good relationship. The vibes were cute all around once again.