Changing the norms

An in-depth review into Paramount’s ‘Rise of the Pink Ladies’


Screen shot from official trailer

“Rise of the Pink Ladies” is a new Netflix series that aired on April 6. This is a romance-comedy musical series that is set to take place four years before the 1978 musical “Grease.”

It’s about four teenagers at Rydell High School who don’t feel like they fit in anywhere. They each have separate problems in their own lives and they eventually all find their way to each other and form a new clique, “The Pink Ladies,” which is showcased in “Grease.”

Their main goal is to change the norms of Rydell and to make it equally inclusive for everyone so that they can be themselves instead of trying to fit into certain groups. 

This is what makes this series so inspiring. It teaches an important lesson about inclusivity and self-confidence. 

The attention to detail is fascinating. It was filmed in 2023, but the set, costumes, vocabulary and environment in the show capture the era of the 1950’s so well. 

Though all of the technical things are very 1950’s, the vibe throughout the first two episodes feels more current. It seems like a mix between old and newer energy.  

One thing that was dissatisfying about this prequel was the songs. The singing and dancing numbers in “Grease” were powerful and entertaining, and they had significant meaning. 

The songs in this feel forced into random places just so they can call it a musical. Honestly, if the songs were taken out, nothing would change about the show because they don’t seem to provide much. 

Overall, this show is entertaining and teaches a good, meaningful lesson. This is a quality addition to the history and storyline of the original 1978 movie. “Grease” fans will likely enjoy this follow-up.