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Sung Zathang
Hi, my name is Sung Zathang and I am going to write for the foreign language section on the newspaper. I am a really shy person, so it will be hard for me to be able to communicate with the others, but I will try my best to communicate with the others quickly. I love playing volleyball even though I am not that good, but I’ve been practicing this summer so I got a bit better. My friends say that I have no sense of humor, but I find myself funny(I don’t know why). I like to joke around a lot and I am a really friendly person. I joined the newspaper because I love how everybody is so close and they all know one another. I am bad at making new friends, but all the people in newspaper are all so welcoming, so I like it. I also joined newspaper because I wanted to learn more about writing. I hope this year will be a great year because there are many things that I want to do.


Sung Zathang, Reporter

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Sung Zathang