Pep sessions extend to 45 minutes


Madelyn Knight

The cardinal walks across the basketball court at the beginning of the spring pep session.

In the past, SHS has held pep sessions that only extended to 20 minutes, however this wasn’t enough time to include the athletes, cheerleaders and the Booster Club skits. The limited time frame lead to many problems, like students walking out before the end of pep sessions.

The Booster Club members have noticed a lack of school spirit, therefore this year’s pep sessions are now going to be 20-25 minutes longer. The Booster Club believes the changes should lead to a better, more exciting pep session with more student involvement. Along with student involvement, the Booster Club is hoping that students will support our school as a whole.

“I’d like for people to stay and support the Booster Club, the band, the teams and support the school,” said Booster Club sponsor, Stacey Matlock.

The first pep session is Friday, Aug. 17, and this year’s Booster Club members have changed the pep session length to 40-45 minutes versus last year’s 20 minutes. Last year’s time frame left about 15-20 minutes for performances and the athletes. The additional time frame will help the Booster Club and their intentions to help lift the school’s spirit level up. This new time frame will allow performances that weren’t possible last year.

The Booster Club is trying to make the pep sessions more theatrical by incorporating more people into the pep session itself. The cheerleaders will be able to do longer performances and this will be a way to rally everyone up for the first football game that night against Roncalli. With these changes the Booster Club is hoping to make people see SHS as a family and not just a school.

“It’s nice to try to make people feel like they are a part of a family,” said senior Booster Club member, Abigail Dunn.