A world turned upside down

An in-depth review into Disney’s ‘Disenchanted’

Source: Disney+

Source: Disney+

“Disenchanted,” which came out Nov. 16, 2022, is a sequel to the 2007 movie “Enchanted.” Enchanted is a romantic comedy about a soon-to-be princess named Giselle. She’s from a cartoon world called “Andalasia” that falls into a well which transports her to the real world. She then finds her way into New York City and crosses paths with a divorce attorney named Robert and his daughter, Morgan. The two fall in love and eventually have their “Happily Ever After” in the real world. 

“Disenchanted” tells the “after” of the “Happily Ever After.” 

It begins with the family deciding to move to a new place for a fresh start. Where they moved to, Monroeville, at first does not present the new beginning they hoped for. They missed their home and weren’t happy, so Giselle makes a wish from a wand that quite literally turns their world upside down. 

The family then has to overcome the problems with the new world and try to get it back to the way it was. This movie really helped to show how much Giselle’s relationship with both Robert and Morgan grew. She became a mother figure to Morgan and they were really close, which helped solve some of the problems that occurred in this film. 

This movie was a great sequel to the first. It brought back some problems, events and even unexpected characters from “Enchanted.” It tied in the storyline well. 

One thing that could’ve been improved is that there were multiple unnecessary songs in the movie. The first movie had a few songs that were put in the right places and fit into the plot well. Some of the songs in the second film seemed to be added in just to add more songs, including one, “Love Power,” that was just a repeat of the same words over and over with some music in the background. They didn’t really make sense and could have been said in words. 

Overall, the movie was well-put together but could have used less songs. The showing of the “after” of the “happily ever after” was very interesting as most fictional movies don’t. This film was a great continuation of the first one.