‘Childhood favorite’

An in-depth review into Netflix’s “Matilda the Musical”


Source: Netflix

First it was a novel by Roald Dahl that was released in 1988, then it became a household name on the big screen in 1996. Now, Netflix has brought the magic back once more with “Matilda the Musical”.

A musical about a young girl with the same name whose parents neglect her, Matilda, played by Alisha Weir, spends her days reading and escaping her home life by creating stories. 

She is finally sent to school where she meets Agatha Trunchbull, played by Emma Thompson, the headmistress of Crunchem Hall. She is described and seen by the children of the school as a vile woman who once competed in the olympics in the hammer throw. While Miss Honey, Matilda’s teacher, is caring and nurturing. The movie did a wonderful job of capturing the good and evil essence of these two characters.  

Seeing a childhood favorite come alive again with even more magic was amazing. The scenes all looked magical and colorful. The songs carried the story along and never disappointed. The ‘School Song’ really stood out with how it was filmed and how the song interacted with the movie so well. The scene follows the children as they warn Matilda about the dangers of Crunchem Hall and the song goes along with the alphabet. As they sing, the camera pans to different doors with letters that follow the song. 

There was always a distinct shift in the tone whenever Trunchbull would enter a room. The color would go dull and the lights would dim. The scenes with her always felt cold. It was really admirable how they showed how one character’s presence could change the entire atmosphere in a room. 

The world that “Matilda” created was so immersive. The book and the movies have a certain spark that will never fade. It was wonderful to see the magic come back to life.