Diving deep

An in-depth review into Netflix’s “Ginny and Georgia”

Source: Netflix

Source: Netflix

“Ginny & Georgia” season one quickly became popular after its release in 2021, making certain that season two was a sure thing that was released on Jan. 5. It stars a 15-year-old teenager, Ginny Miller played by Antonia Gentry, who moves with her free-spirited mother and younger brother to Wellsbury, Massachusetts after her mother’s husband, Kenny, passes away. 

In season one, Ginny goes though the many struggles and adventures of being a teenager and accommodates to her new life in Wellsbury. She quickly becomes friends with a three-girls who are already in a friend group who invite Ginny to join. The four of them become close and label their group as “MANG:” Maxine Baker, played by Sara Waisglass, Abby Littman, played by Katie Douglas, Norah, played by Chelsea Clark, and now Ginny. 

Ginny begins dating a guy from her school, Hunter Chen, played by Mason Temple, but finds herself in a love triangle when she falls for Maxine’s brother, Marcus Baker, played by Felix Mallard. This causes a falling-out between Ginny and her friends when they discover her secret relationship with Marcus. 

Ginny’s mother, Georgia, played by Brianne Howey, also enters herself into a love triangle when she starts dating the mayor of Wellsbury, Paul Randolph, played by Scott Porter while developing feelings for the local coffee shop owner, Joe, played by Raymond Ablack. Georgia, throughout the season, is displayed to be a very carefree and untroubled person, but she has a secretive dark past that isn’t explained until season two. Season one creates the opening for season two by concluding with Ginny finding out about her mother’s secret and running away with her little brother Austin. 

Season two dives deep into Georgia’s past and Ginny’s mental health and is much deeper than season one overall. 

Ginny is forced to come back to her mother’s house after her runaway in season one and their relationship, as can be imagined, is not doing well. She is dealing with the trauma of knowing her mother’s secrets and being unsure what to do about it while also trying to survive high school after the loss of her friends. 

The look into Georgia’s experiences as a young teen explains some of the reasons behind some of her actions.  However, some things that Georgia did were unnecessary and it was understandable why Ginny would get upset, like when she tried to frame her English teacher to get him fired. 

A main issue with the series is that some characters are overlooked, such as Norah. Ginny, Maxine and Abby all have their own storylines that are looked into. We get to know about Maxine’s struggles with her family and her love life. We learn about Abby’s home life and how her parents are divorcing. Norah seems to kind of just be there as part of the girls’ friendship. She is more like a background character and should be given more screen time, like the other members of the main group. All that is shown specifically about her is a tiny bit of her relationship with her boyfriend. There needs to be more development and analysis of her character. 

Another character that is surprisingly overlooked is Marcus. The show tells how sad he is and how he is struggling with mental health, but not much more than that. None of the characters in the show really attempt to understand him. Maxine recognizes that he is struggling, but after she tells people, no one actually tries to do anything about it or help him. Ginny didn’t even recognize it for a while despite their close relationship. 

Speaking of relationships, obviously Georgia has never had very much luck with lovers, as is shown in the series, and she seemingly found her “perfect” guy, Paul. Paul is not the perfect man for Georgia. Georgia comes from a rough background and has a lot of struggles that Paul simply couldn’t understand. He gets upset with Georgia about the way she acts but he doesn’t take into consideration the trauma she has gone through and the dangerous situation that her and her family could still be put in. 

Overall, the second season was pretty well-written. The writers did a great job of explaining everything that the first season left out and the development of the characters. “Ginny & Georgia” does an incredible job of depicting realistic life/teen struggles such as mental health, self harm, gun safety and societal standards. It was impressive how this show was able to deal with such serious issues while also including entertainment and comedy.