A flawless tie

An in-depth review in Netflix’s “Outer Banks”


Source: Netflix

The third season of Outer Banks was released on Feb. 23, and was both exhilarating and disappointing. This series is about a group of teens that grew up on the wrong side of the Outer Banks, called pogues, that are going on a quest to find gold that would change their lives forever.

This new season had a lot going on. From John B’s dad coming back, to deaths and changes in relationships, this season was full of plot twists that kept the viewers engaged.

In the start of the season, the pogues were stranded on an island after a crazy ending of season two. They nicknamed the island “Pougelandia.” They were stranded on the island for about a month until they noticed a plane. The pogues flagged down the plane and it subsequently came to the rescue. Little did the pogues know, stepping on that plane would change everything.

The plane ride led John B to reunite with his father, Big John. This heartfelt moment left some viewers in awe. However, this reunion also sparked controversy. Some argued that when John B’s father returned, it changed John B in a negative way because he kept secrets from his friends regarding the gold. His father found a stone that lit up a path to the gold. Up until his reunion with his dad, he never kept secrets from his friends. This plot point led to a negative and disappointing change in his relationships with his close friends and wife, Sarah.

Although the beginning of the season was rough, the best part was the last episode. The pogues finally found the city of gold they had been searching for, and they revived their close relationship with John B. In the end, JJ and Kiara got together, Pope and Cleo got together and John B and Sarah stayed together. Seeing all of the pogues in a relationship brought some peace in knowing they’re all happy, after everything they’ve been through. It creates a sort of “happily ever after” feeling.

However, there were some downfalls to the season as well. It was disappointing to see something go wrong for the pogues every episode, which made this season almost too chaotic because these teens couldn’t catch a break. Whether they’re running from cops or bad guys, there was always something going wrong.

With both the positives and negatives of this season, Outer Banks season three was a good one. It tied the first two seasons flawlessly together and made the series flow better. Hopefully in the next coming season, the pogues will complete their next quest which viewers got a sneak peak of at the end of episode ten.