Loving the change

An in-depth review into Beabadoobee’s newest song

Song cover screenshot taken from Spotify

Song cover screenshot taken from Spotify

After blowing up on TikTok, Beabadoobee released “Glue Song” on Feb. 14, the most romantic day of the year. Speaking of romance, the song is all about love and happiness. 

Before its release, fans were obsessed with the first lines, “I’ve never known someone like you/Tangled in love, stuck by you/From the glue.” Beabadoobee shows her passionate love for her boyfriend throughout the song.

The first verse sets the theme for the rest of the song. She sings about her new found love and how it basically came natural to her. The line “Tangled in love, stuck by you,” shows her nervousness for this love, considering how easy it is.

In the past, Beabadoobee sang sad songs, so this is a new style for her. She admits to having a sadness behind all of her songs, even if they have a happy beat. But, it seems to be a new beginning for “Glue Song,” considering how tender and caring it is.

In the second verse she writes, “Finding the right words to use for this song.” She says this to show her new style of writing and how it may be harder for her to get used to. It’s hard knowing she’s changing, but as the song goes on she learns to love the change.

One thing that could be improved upon overall is the length of the song. Not enough can be said in two minutes and 20 seconds. Honestly, all songs should be at least three minutes long, even if it’s mostly music. You barely get to enjoy the song before it’s over.

Overall, the song is perfect for new lovers everywhere. If you’re in love or just a hopeless romantic, this one song is the best choice to listen to.